TikTok's AI Creative Assistant

TikTok’s AI-powered Creative Assistant integrates with Adobe Express to help make the video-making process easier.

Adobe Express has long since been a valuable tool for TikTok creators, packed with plenty of templates and media elements that can help make polished videos from your phone. It’s geared towards making TikTok-first content, integrating well with the social media app.

Now, a new integration with TikTok‘s Creative Assistant means that optimizing content within Adobe Express is now easier, with brainstorming help, trends advice, and even integrated examples of successful ad campaigns.

What can TikTok’s AI Creative Assistant do in Adobe?

TikTok’s Creative Assistant doesn’t create AI-generated content but is instead an AI-fuelled chatbot, offering tips and advice for content creation. For example, you can ask it what the current trends are, what hashtags would suit your video, and even request a full script for paid content or ad campaigns.

The purpose of the Creative Assistant is to create content faster and help build creative workflows, according to TikTok. A handy tool is the brainstorming feature, which can come up with dozens of video and script ideas to help users overcome creative block.

When used alongside Adobe Express’ various TikTok-focused templates and elements, the Creative Assistant can walk users through the entire creative process, from brainstorming to scheduling and publishing. Some suggested prompts for the assistant to get started are:

  • Show me what’s trending on TikTok.
  • Give me tips for making a high-performing ad creative.
  • Show me some TikTok ad examples.
  • Write some thought starters for my ad.

You can try the Creative Assistant in Adobe Express out for yourself by heading to ‘Add-ons,’ searching for “TikTok Creative Assistant,” and clicking, add. So long as you have an Adobe Express account, it will automatically add the Creative Assistant features to your app, and you’re ready to go.

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