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CD Project Red has released a new Cyberpunk patch that aims to fix a host of issues for console and PC gamers. The new update titled ‘Patch 2.12’ hopes to alleviate the issues that have hit gamers taking on the streets of Night City.

“Patch 2.12 for Cyberpunk 2077 and Phantom Liberty is being rolled out on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. It focuses on main issues experienced by players after Patch 2.11, such as key bindings,” the recent release said from the award-winning studio.

As we reported last month, a huge update for Cyberpunk 2077 brought lots of changes to the base version of the game and the downloadable content Phantom Liberty in late January.

Phantom Liberty has redeemed a lot of the early faith fans put in the Witcher 3 developer’s dystopian project. The Idris Elba-led content also opened the door for more players to take on the role of V and banish the bad memories of the game being de-listed from the Playstation Store and other sales outlets.

Cyberpunk Patch Notes

Xbox users have been experiencing a particular bug that presents a constant loading screen, but the recently released patch hopes to fix the issue “where the game could enter an infinite loading state, hang up or crash on Xbox when using some saves.”

For PC players there are a raft of smaller quality-of-life fixes like certain keyboard “bindings.” These bindings allow players using a keyboard to effortlessly switch a certain onscreen or background element with an assigned key command.

PC-specific Cyberpunk 2077 updates:

  • It will now be possible to properly rebind the Radioport and dropping bodies to a different key on AZERTY keyboards. Switching quest objectives will now be assigned to the T key on all keyboards.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to bind the T key to actions in Exploration & Combat resulted in a “Binding Failed” error.
  • Together with Intel we fixed the stuttering issue that occurred while the “Prioritize P-Cores” option was enabled.
  • Together with Razer we fixed a crash that occurred when using Razer Chroma-enabled devices.
  • Fixed an issue where NPC hair could appear extremely bright inside vehicles when Ray Tracing is enabled.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred on Steam Deck when playing with Ray Tracing enabled.

Patch 2.12 also addresses a number of problems with important quest lines and their interactive elements, as well as a worrying gang of immortal enemies appearing across Night City.

Patch updates for all versions of Cyberpunk 2077:

  • Fixed an issue causing the inability to access the menu, inventory, stash, holocalls and fast travel.
  • Updated the description of the Sonic Shock quickhack so that it properly reflects the changes made to its behavior in 2.1.
  • Improved visibility of the controller cursor in menus and when using computers or keypads. This change will primarily help Steam Deck users, but will also benefit consoles and PC when using a controller.
  • New Dawn Fades – Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to open the phone to read the notification from the Automated Delivery System.
  • I Can See Clearly Now – Lowered the Body attribute check required to move the dumpster.
  • I Walk the Line – Sasquatch’s jump attack will now properly register as a hit and deal damage.
  • Riders on the Storm – Enemy cars in the chase sequence will now shoot at Panam’s van.
  • Nocturne Op55N1- Fixed an issue where, after choosing to call Reed, the conversation sometimes wouldn’t trigger, blocking progression.
  • Sonic Shock will now be properly categorized as a Covert quickhack.
  • Fixed instances where groups of immortal enemies could appear across Night City.
  • Fixed an issue where some elements on the perk screen wouldn’t change after switching to Colorblind Mode.
  • BioDyne Berserk will now properly have increased Crit Chance from its Reflexes Attunement.

The Polish Studio will continue to update its flagship first-person-shooter and has also kept fans of Geralt and the Witcher series happy with news of a successor title being in the works as early as this year.

Image Credit: CD Project Red.

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