Official announcement image for Fortnite x Loki

Despite being seven years old at this point, Fortnite is still going strong, partly due to the incredible collaborations between the game and some of the most popular franchises around. The latest officially announced partnership is with Disney+’s Loki show, bringing recreations of the fan-favorite Tom Hiddleston demi-god to the ever-popular battle royale.

This new collab was officially announced on May 14th via the official Fortnite socials which posted a series of images featuring Miss Minutes – a focal character in the show. The initial teasers were followed by some further images accompanied by text alluding to what skins would be made available. One of these stated “Got a couple of troublesome timeline travelers I’m hoping you can babysit for me,” which we infer that this relates to Loki and Sylvie Laufeydottir.

Fortnite Loki teasers from Instagram

If you’re a fan of leaks and datamines, you would have known this already with prolific industry insiders showcasing what is to come in the Loki Fortnite crossover. According to these leaks, you can expect to see both the aforementioned characters as well as a bunch more cosmetics such as a Miss Minutes Back Bling and TVA Time Stick Pickaxe.

At this current time though, these are still ‘leaks’ so while the collaboration is official, the contents and release date of the items will remain rumors for now. Regardless of what cosmetics do become available, it does give the chance to those who missed out on the initial Fortnite Crew Loki release way back when to get in on some Asgard action.

While Loki seems to be the main meal of the next Fortnite update, there also appears to be an alien theme that is coming to the whole season. Starting on May 10th, Fortnite posted the Human Bill skin image without context accompanied by leakers finding an unreleased “Alien Graffiti” Wrap which is coming in the next season.

This does almost go hand in hand with the wackiness of Loki and the Marvel universe as a whole since there are extra-terrestrials aplenty. Again though, this is just speculation at this time but we’re sure the alien ‘theme’ will be announced in due course.

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