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Apple has rejected an application for the PC emulator UTM to be hosted on the Apple App Store. It has also blocked the app from appearing on third-party app stores.

In a post on X, UTM stated that the reason Apple gave was that rule 4.7, which regulates “mini apps, mini-games, streaming games, chatbots, plug-ins, and game emulators,” and has allowed other emulators to be added to the app store, does not apply to UTM because it is not a console.

The full statement says “After almost two-month long review process, Apple has rejected UTM SE from the iOS App Store as well as from notarization for third-party app stores. Their reasoning is that rule 4.7 which Apple recently introduced that allows for Delta, PPSSPP, and other emulators to be allowed does NOT apply to UTM SE. The App Store Review Board determined that “PC is not a console” regardless of the fact that there are retro Windows/DOS games for the PC that UTM SE can be useful in running. Additionally, Apple’s stance is that UTM SE is not allowed on third-party marketplaces either because rule 4.7 also applies to Notarization Review Guidelines.

“We will adhere by Apple’s content and policy decision because we believe UTM SE (which does not have JIT) is a subpar experience and isn’t worth fighting for (see We do not wish to invest any additional time or effort trying to get UTM SE in the App Store or third party stores unless Apple changes their stance.”

Apple was forced into allowing emulators onto the App Store after the introduction of new European Union regulations in April 2024. Apple was quick to state that developers of emulators are “responsible for all such software offered in your app, including ensuring that such software complies with these Guidelines and all applicable laws.”

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