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Back in early 2023, Blumhouse, the movie studio behind horror classics such as Get Out and the Paranormal Activity series, announced its interactive division and a move into video game production. At Summer Games Fest 2024, we got their first game announcement… and their second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth.

Blumhouse Games’ strategy seems to mirror their approach to movies, with a focus on indie titles with low budgets. This is undoubtedly what has enabled the bombastic first peek at SGF. Most companies would test the waters with one or maybe two releases to start off, but Blumhouse clearly feels that they have ground to cover.

“Blumhouse Games is the new home for horror,” says the blurb on the trailer on YouTube. “We’re partnering with independent development teams around the world to create unique, spine-chilling experiences across consoles, PC, and mobile. The games span a variety of genres, each with their own distinctive and terrifying take on the world of horror.”

What games are Blumhouse releasing?

The six games featured in the trailer have two things in common – they are all horror games, and none of them have release dates yet.

  • Fear the Spotlight from Cozy Game Pals – the only game with the slightest hint of a release date (later this year), Fear the Spotlight is a third-person adventure where the player sneaks into a school after hours to solve a horrible mystery.
  • Crisol: Theater of Idols from Vermila – a first-person action adventure where your blood is your most powerful weapon – how much will you sacrifice to meet your goals?
  • Grave Seasons from Perfect Garbage – a supernatural murder mystery combined with a farming simulator. Build your life but don’t take your eye off the serial killer in the town.
  • SLEEP AWAKE from EYES OUT – very little about this game was revealed, but it looks like it might be first-person and highly atmospheric.
  • The Simulation from Playmestudio – investigate the only evidence left behind at a crime scene, an unpublished video game. Not much is known but more info should be coming “soon”.
  • Project C from Half Mermaid – again, this game has left a lot to the imagination, except that it is being developed in conjunction with Sam Barlow (game designer of two Silent Hill titles and indie darling Her Story) and Brandon Cronenberg (director of Infinity Pool)

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