Overwatch 2 hero Reinhardt in an Optimus Prime skin -- in an anime-style trailer -- leaning on his axe and gazing at a coin in his hand

Overwatch 2’s latest crossover — with Hasbro’s Transformers franchise — was announced back in June, and now fans have their first trailer showing what it looks like. It’s full of anime and woop-woop-wak-wak goodness.

The basic point is that Overwatch 2’s roster will get reskinned. So while we’re definitely seeing Megatron and Optimus Prime-inspired heroes, these are actually Overwatch 2 fighters in costume. The costumes are still pretty rad.

Reinhardt gets the father-figure role of Optimus, and Ramattra has a nice Megatron design. Bastion takes the role of loyal underdog Bumblebee, and Illari gets cast as Arcee. Those are the only roles confirmed. Overwatch 2 has a cast of 40 heroes overall.

While this is a nice anime it’s obviously not gameplay (and Blizzard still needs to keep its game balanced, so you can expect everyone to behave as they do usually) it looks like this is the extent of the crossover. Still, four characters in well-chosen getups from Cybertron likely took a lot of work.

They will be available beginning Tuesday, July 9 in the Overwatch store. Prices haven’t been revealed but considering this is licensed content from the world’s biggest toy maker, and a mega-movie franchise, appearing in a free-to-play, live-service multiplayer shooter, don’t expect them to come cheap.

Overwatch 2 launched in 2022, and is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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