An image showing the amazing realism of Rennsport.

The hardcore sim racing genre has been the stomping grounds of Assetto Corsa, Project Cars (up to PC2, not counting PC3 as that would be heresy), iRacing, and rFactor2. Seeming being polished in the background for what seems like an age is Rennsport the photo-realistic racing simulation, which has suddenly shot through a closed beta and is set to hit the Epic Game Store tomorrow (10th July) in Open Beta and will be free for everybody to try out.

Rennsport has had a bit of controversy around some of its technology of late, even so far as one of its rivals calling it out for using its technology without permission. Exciting times, this is just like real motor racing with everybody accusing each other of dirty tricks.

Regardless, Rennsport will be downloadable and playable and the devs – German studio Competition Company and Polish Studio Teyron have just come forward to explain how monetization is going to work in the game they have been slaving over. So let’s compartmentalize what we know at this stage

When is Rennsport coming out?

Although there is no date for a full release, the Open Beta can be played from July 10th by downloading it from the Epic Game Store and creating a Rennsport account. This open beta will form the final stages of testing before the game goes into Early Access and gets a Steam release alongside the Epic one.

What have the Rennsport developers said?

In a new blog post, the devs have highlighted their vision for the game as it heads toward Early Access saying:

“As we plan to run Rennsport for many years, our intention is to provide our drivers with a fully free-to-play experience. We want to bring Rennsport and the thrill of racing to everyone without any upfront costs. You can get in and start racing right away without spending money.

Importantly, most tracks will be free. That said, we will introduce some premium tracks for purchase from time to time. We want everyone to experience the best racing environments, but creating top-notch tracks takes a lot of time and resources. So, by offering premium tracks, we can make sure we keep delivering the best content for you.

Cars are a similar story. All our cars are licensed and based on real life data we get from our OEM partners. You’ll still be able to get a free GT3 with your account, and we’ll have rotating free to drive cars, but we will also offer you the option to purchase cars and record your very own history on them.”

Rennsport feature list from the horse’s mouth

It is the photo-realistic racing simulation offering the highest forms of multiplayer competition. It is where gamers, drivers, pro athletes, modders, and car enthusiasts come together to drive, live, and share their passion for racing and special cars.
Race the most competitive cars in the world on real-life motorsport tracks, laser-scanned with immense detail, and get a taste of the extraordinary places waiting to be explored. Build your legacy with your own collection of unique cars, custom tracks, and much more.
RENNSPORT is car culture designed for the future and it will evolve together with the community for years to come, on the racetrack and beyond… Together, we strive to push the boundaries of tomorrow.

We will be covering Rennsport extensively over the coming weeks starting with the Open Beta, so make sure you check back.

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