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In Once Human, you’ll need to be a real hunter gatherer since there are many resources available, aiding you in surviving the open world.

Ores are pretty key when it comes to crafting new gear for either yourself or your base, and Tin Ore is something many players are after.

Here, we’ll reveal a couple of great locations for mining Tin Ore so you can get to farming some and stock up those stores.

How to get Tin Ore in Once Human

To secure Tin Ore in Once Human, you’ll have to locate Tin Ore deposits. These can be found in various locations around the map but there are better spots than others.

Tin Ore deposits don’t exactly stick out though – they’re not as shiny as others, so make sure you’re running up to each of them to make sure you don’t miss one.

One particularly great place to farm Tin Ore is in the Iron River area. This is a pretty high level location but it is rich in both Tin and Silver Ore, and you can net yourself a good bunch if you’re able.

For precise coordinates, you’re looking around (7372, -4217) where a bunch of the deposits can be seen.

where to find tin ore once human

You will need to reach level 17 in order to gain access to here though so keep that in mind before charging straight to it.

Another, less risky place to pick up some Tin Ore is in the Broken Delta region. Here, you’re looking at a level 12 area which is significantly less than the aforementioned Iron River.

You’ll need to focus on the coast here as it’s the easiest source, and you’ll likely be able to avoid any enemies if you’re a low level.

Finally, you will need a Copper Pickaxe in order to actually collect the Tin so ensure you’ve got one by crafting it via the workbench before setting out on your Tin Ore expedition.

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