An image showing two characters kissing in Baldur's Gate 3

And this is why Baldur’s Gate 3 was last year’s Game of the Year. A consistent striving to give the people what they need. Yes, BG3 fans,  romantic smooching is on the cards for our pointy-eared friends as next week’s Patch 6 goes all Valentine’s Day and brings improvements to First Base in Faerûn.

A tweet (or post, or whatever it is now) from the official Baldur’s Gate 3 account says, “Love is in the air in Faerûn, and we’ve made improvements to locking lips with your romantic partner!

Releasing next week, Patch 6 includes improved smooches, new camp idle animations, new Legendary Actions in Honour Mode, and plenty of bug fixes”.

It comes along with a lovely kissing gif that will warm your hearts, probably right up until you get banned from Xbox Live for recording the action and uploading it you smutty adventurers you.

It also follows up with a further post saying, “It’s a hefty one, so we’ll be sharing the full patch notes on the official website – make sure to keep an eye out!” suggesting we will be seeing more improvements than just tongue animations.”

We don’t know at this stage what day the patch will be released on and at this stage, a lot of the bugs are minor ones as the game is so well polished now. We are keen to see the new animations and actions the patch will bring as Larian continues to strive to complete the perfect RPG. And if nothing else it might make the romantic speedruns a bit more steamy.

It’s unlikely Baldur’s Gate 3 will be the only game spreading a bit of extra love around the world as Cupid sets his sights on gamers everywhere.

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