An image showing when the hand may emerge from in Fortnite

We have known for some time that Chapter 2 of Fortnite’s Season 5 is going to be themed around Greek Mythology and it looks as though things are about to come to a head.

According to our favorite Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR it seems likely that the Titan Hand will spawn from the crater that has appeared at one of the following times tomorrow (Saturday 2nd of March).

  • -1pm ET (6pm UTC)
  •  2pm ET (7pm UTC)

If you want to track the Hand yourself, then take a look at FortTracker on X which is posting every time anything new happens, so that you can get in the game and go and see for yourself what is going on.

The whole Titan Hand thing is only a mini-event, we aren’t getting any Lady Gaga concerts or anything to finish off the Chapter, but you might still want to be in the game a good half an hour ahead of schedule to make sure of avoiding any queue problems should they arise.

If things happen as we expect them to pan out, soon afterward we will find ourselves in the new Greek-based season, with a whole lot of new cool items and artifacts in-game, Some of these have been data mined for what seems like months now, so there are not too many surprises left, but it will still be nice to see then in the game proper, rather than a grainy screenshot on a leaker’s X account.

We should still expect some surprises along the way though, but if we are this close to Chapter 2, then we are probably minutes away from the first leaks from Chapter 3 as the inevitable cycle will come around once again.

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