An in-game shot of Fable's Humphry and the player

Fable is a franchise that is beloved by so many. Even if the later titles left fans feeling a little burned, the upcoming reboot is certainly looking to make things right again, and in a pretty spectacular way.

If you’re hyped for a new adventure in Fable’s Albion, we have all the information on the game’s release date, trailers, platforms, and other burning questions you might have, so you can be prepped for when it launches.

Fable release date

There’s no question that Fable has been in development for some time, so when you can expect to adventure in Albion once more? Well, the Fable release date is simply 2025 at this current time.

There is no day or month revealed as of right now but we expect this to be more of a later 2025 release, potentially Q3 or Q4 just so it has the time it needs to cook in the oven.

Fable trailers

Fable debuted what seems like a lifetime ago, way back in 2020, announcing that the franchise would be going through a reboot.

This initial announcement trailer didn’t really show us much apart from a loose look at the art style and some of that Fable comedy that has been consistent throughout the franchise so far.

Fast forward a whole two years later and in the Xbox Games Showcase of 2023, and finally, some in-engine footage.

In this trailer, we meet a rather large Richard Ayoade, looking to squash the player as they traverse around what appears to be his in-game home. Obviously, there is yet more Fable comedy, and a real Alice in Wonderland vibe that just works.

The third, and final Fable trailer we have is a year later than the last, revealed at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024.

This is probably our best look yet at what to expect from the title with some concrete in-game footage of the player walking around Albion, speaking to NPCs and more.

There is some more world-building, introducing us to Humphry, a former ‘hero’ who is training others, and someone who really hits home on how our choices have real consequences.


Fable platforms

Fable will release on Xbox Series X|S and PC. This makes complete sense since Playground Games is an Xbox Game Studios developer thus meaning any form of PlayStation console will miss out.

With Microsoft seemingly making partnerships with PlayStation on various titles, there may be hope later down the road for the blue side of the console wars, but it is very slim since Fable is such a landmark title for Xbox.

Is Fable on Game Pass?

A new look at Albion in Fable

Yes, Fable will be available on Game Pass day one. This means you’ll be able to jump into the revamped Albion on release for free if you own a Game Pass subscription.

This is a fantastic addition to the already stellar, and growing, Game Pass lineup and will allow those new to Fable to see what the world has to offer before potentially going back and experiencing the older titles too.

Does Fable have character creation?

There has been no official confirmation of character creation in Fable and since there was never any true character creation in the previous games in the franchise, the feature is in doubt for this one too.

However, while this is true, since the new Fable is a reimagining of everything that has come before it, character creation could very well make it this time around.

The same female character is shown in each of the trailers that have been released but since there hasn’t been much shown in terms of gameplay, we believe that they’re hiding a bunch of stuff, and potentially character creation also.

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