Apple Watch iOS 11 and iPhone with health monitoring diagnostics

The Apple Watch Series 10, also known as the Apple Watch X, is expected to get both cosmetic and internal upgrades.

As Apple heads into the tenth series of its smartwatches, the Apple Watch X is thought to celebrate ten years of the devices. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, usually a reliable source for Apple rumors, wrote in his Power On newsletter that there are several specific upgrades on the way.

First up is a large screen, similar to that of the Apple Watch Ultra, but without the higher price tag. Gurman also reports that the Apple Watch Series 10 will have two variants, currently codenamed N217 and N218, and both will include options for a larger digital panel.

This is combined with rumors that the Apple Watch X will be thinner than those that came before, although the overall design will remain largely the same. You can infer that the proportions of the smartwatch may change but the general look is consistent with previous models.

Last but not least, the Series 10 is believed to be getting a new chip, setting up possibilities for Apple Intelligence and more AI compatibility. There could also be more health monitoring functionality, like a blood-pressure sensor and a sleep apnea utility, but, according to Gurman, Apple is experiencing “some serious snags” with the development of these tools.

When is the Apple Watch X coming out?

Nothing is known for sure about the Apple Watch X right now but its reveal is thought to be coming in September, alongside the next iPhone reveal. That event should clarify all the details about the Apple Watch Series 10 ahead of its release.

Since the official release of the very first Apple Watch was on April 24, 2015, Apple has until next year to actually release the next model in order for it to be a true ten-year celebration.

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