Over the shoulder shooting in Once Human

Once Human brings more survival action we all know and love and this time, it’s in a full open world environment.

Since the game is on both PC and mobile but not console, controller lovers are wanting to know if they’ll be able to get stuck in with their preferred input method.

Here, we’ll explain everything we know on the Once Human controller support, hopefully providing a definitive answer on whether you’ll be able to use it or not.

Can you play Once Human with a controller?

Previously, in the Once Human betas, there was no ‘official’ controller support for the game, only via adding it as a non-Steam game and creating a workaround.

This meant that you could technically still play the game with a controller but instead of being native inputs, Steam basically emulates the key presses on keyboard in relation to the button presses on your controller.

However, with the full game launching, it appears that full controller support may have been on the cards.

This news came from the official Once Human X account which replied to a question on whether players will be able to dive in, controller in hand.

The question from user Seething Smiles was simply “Will controller support be ready at launch” which received a reply of it will be “available at the release”.

This meant that you should have be able to simply plug in and play when Once Human 1.0 dropped without having to go through any bypass systems. But, there has been a spanner thrown into the works.

Again via the Once Human X account, a reply has been posted once more stating that controller support just isn’t ready for launch due to “technical adjustments” but the “development team is actively working on changes”.

This is a little disheartening for those wanting to get into the game via controller right away but we expect an update to change things pretty rapidly.

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