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Since Once Human has a server system, allowing you to hop onto whichever you like, many are posing the question of if you can take your character with you if you switch.

We’ll break down the server system here for you, explaining if you’re able to transfer what you’ve created on one over to another, or if you’re stuck with your initial pick.

Let’s get into the details.

Does Once Human have server transfer?

As you’re able to select servers in Once Human depending on your preference of PvE or PvP, will you be able to freely switch between or is your character locked in?

Well, sadly, you cannot carry your character over from server to server, they are locked into the first one that you picked.

This is a little unfortunate since you’ll have to stick to that server even if your friends are on a completely different one to you.

once human servers

The official word from the developers is that “Currently, players are not able to transfer account data from one server to another”, and “you will have to create a new character and restart the game from scratch”.

However, one glimmer of hope here is that they also use the word “currently” implying that this could change later down the line, maybe in a future update just like controller support.

Additionally, if you do choose to go into another server and find out it just isn’t for you, you’re able to go back to that initial server you were playing on, and all of your “old account data will still be retained”.

This means all of those hours you did put in will not go to waste and you can just return like nothing has happened.

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